Fast, Scaleable Marketing Websites 

Whether you’re coming to us with designs locked and loaded or just an idea, we’re here to take your vision from start to finish.


Web Development

With a modern, Jamstack approach to development, we produce websites that are fast, responsive, scalable and accessible.

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Headless CMS

A modern website shouldn’t be static. That’s why we advocate for building websites with a headless CMS approach. Using platforms like Storyblok and Prismic, we create websites that put full control into the hands of marketers without compromising on brand and design.

With a Content Management System (CMS) teams can manage and publish content in a breeze to keep their website up-to-date and performant. We put the effort in upfront to choose the right platform for you and taking into consideration your website strategy, we structure it in a way that is efficient and scaleable for the long-haul.

Using a headless CMS allows your site to grow and develop alongside your business to accommodate for new products, positioning and priorities.

Rebuilding or Replatforming

If you already have a site in place that fulfils your brand but is just not manageable on a content front, it could be time to consider a rebuild or re-platforming project.

By rebuilding your site, you could unblock your marketing team to pursue a fruitful website strategy and ensure your site is at optimum selling potential. It’s also a good opportunity to remedy any buggy builds or aspects that are detrimental to SEO. Often as part of this we will incorporate a headless CMS to keep your content fresh and your site ready for growth.

We build sites that not only fit your needs now, but also for the future.

Web Accessibility

The internet should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. That’s why we put in the work to make sure every Honey & Jam website meets accessibility standards, ensuring everyone can access and browse your site with comfort and ease.

Brand & Design

Whether you need help translating your brand into a website design or are starting from scratch, we have the right people on hand to take you through the journey.


Creating a brand that is a proud reflection of your business and that people truly love is no small feat. We work closely with you to understand your vision for your brand and its personality, collate moodboards and inspiration to deliver a brand that you and your customers will love.

  • Brand Strategy

  • Brand Guidelines

Web Design

Having your brand is one thing, knowing how to use it is the next. Combining creative web design and UX principles, we create websites that are inspiring and impactful, as well as functional and effective.

Web Strategy

Although a website is an essential must-have for every business, it should also have a strategy underpinning how it it structured and populated.

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Site Architecture

It can be difficult to visualise a site’s architecture, especially when you’re starting from scratch or planning for the future. We’ll aim to create a website structure which is intuitive to navigate and sets you up for SEO success.

This includes advising on what pages to create, how to categorise content and introducing a pillar page strategy.

Search Engine optimisation

A wider website project is a great time to either review or establish an SEO strategy for your business. Every Honey & Jam website is built with the best practice technical SEO to set you up for success, including structured data and excellent core web vitals.

If you already have a strategy in place, we wrap it into your website build to ensure continued success and are happy to advise on any improvements. Or if you’re looking to rethink your strategy, then we also offer SEO consultation to run an audit, competitor analysis and keyword research to craft a strategy for your business.

how we work

Let’s build something great together

Real-time communication

We like to keep communication open and are always reachable via Slack, Microsoft Teams or however you prefer to keep in touch! We also love to use tools like Loom for quick updates and are always happy jump on a call for any ideas or questions.

Our people make the difference

We’re driven and hard-working individuals who genuinely love what we do. We find joy seeing a new client’s website soar and nerd out over a really well structured CMS.

Top-of-the range websites

Our websites are built to the best industry standards, ensuring they are lightening fast, user-friendly and easily manageable to internal teams.

Budget security

We will always agree a budget with you before work starts and never exceed that unless previously agreed with an increased scope - so no surprise invoices!

Streamlined project management

We don’t like to over-complicate things or gatekeep our communications. We work in your preferred project management tool to keep you updated on the progress of your project and provide regular updates on calls throughout.

Lean and clean

We’re a small team by design. By keeping lean we can move fast and focus on the quality of your project. You can also be sure that you’re always speaking with the person who is executing the work for you and has produced our previous work.