About us 

A developer-designer duo with a mix of startup, freelance and agency experience.

Who we are?

Throughout our careers, we've been working within or alongside marketing teams, and if that has taught us one thing, it's that creating and maintaining a great company website isn't easy.

So, we created Honey & Jam to deliver super-smart websites that are a proud reflection of a company's brand and a dream to use for marketing teams.

When we're not working on building websites for our lovely clients, you can find us working on our own internal ventures!

Our Method

How we work



If there’s one thing people hate, it’s a group chat where only half the speak. We like to keep communication direct and avoid middlemen, so you always speak directly to the person doing the work for you.



Above everything, we take care in the quality of our work. We aim to build you a solution that will work for the long term and is a true delight to your team and your customers.



We understand that not everything is written in stone. We're adaptable and here to help you create something that will work for the business you are and want to be.



For every email, Slack message, or Figma comment, there’s a person invested in your project at the other end. We genuinely care about the end result and making your project a success.

Our people

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